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Are you ready to start studying English with a native English speaker? Well, you have come to the right place. I'm a CELTA language teacher from England based in Tbilisi with over 10 years full-time teaching experience.  

Accepting new students on Mondays and Thursday from 8am - 1pm
So, you're looking for a native English speaker in Tbilisi but why me?

Sure, there are many teachers out there, but why study with me? Take a look at what makes me stand out....

CELTA Qualified 


CELTA qualified teacher so you can expect professional, well-planned lessons. 

11 years experience  


Over 10 years of full-time classroom teaching and 7 Years of working online using Zoom and Skype. 

Study Online


I use Skype and Zoom for teaching online, so you don't even need to leave the house. Studying online is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle or simply want the convenience of studying anywhere. 

Native English


As an English native speaker you can always be guaranteed to hear nice natural English and be sure all the vocabulary, expressions, and questions you will be asked will be nice-natural-native English. 

How much is a lesson?

₾70 x 1 Lesson
₾240 x 4 Lessons - once a week
₾500  x 8 Lessons - twice a week



What lessons do you offer?

For those who want to have only them in the English classroom. Individual lessons give you all the attention which is great for not only your opportunities to speak, but a perfect chance to highlight any mistakes and errors you might make and to get these corrected. 

Each lesson is 60 minutes

₾70 x 1 Lesson
₾240 x 4 Lessons - once a week
₾500 x 8 Lessons - twice a week

If you prefer studying English with other people, then group English lessons are ideal for you. They can also save some money by splitting the cost of a lesson with another person or a group if you choose to study with more than one other person. 

Group lessons are kept to a maximum of 4
2 People = ₾100
3 People = ₾140
4 People = ₾160

Each lesson is 60 minutes

It's very common now to provide English lessons for your employees as the importance of English in business in paramount. What also is really important is the fact that your workers should feel comfortable and confident when they use the language, especially when it comes to speaking. 

I offer speaking clubs for companies to help build and improve their spoken English. Speaking clubs are also not just about speaking, they are about a lot more and you read about that here. 

1 x Speaking club a week = ₾150
2 x Speaking clubs a week = ₾250
3 x Speaking clubs a week = ₾300
4+ Speaking clubs a week = ₾85 each

Speaking clubs can also be done online using Skype and Zoom

We live in a digital world and with more and more technology in our lives, online English lessons have become the norm. Studying English using Zoom or Skype is now a preferred way of studying English. It's also great if you're not in Tbilisi because you can study from anywhere!

₾70 x 1 Lesson
₾240 x 4 Lessons - once a week
₾500 x 8 Lessons - twice a week

You can find out more about teenage lessons here

All lessons have been planned with the same objective, to get you using your English by speaking, speaking, and then speaking some more. I specialise in getting people to feel more confident with their spoken English. But, it's not only about speaking, it's also about making you sound nice and natural along with correcting and pointing out any mistakes or errors you might be making.

So, if you want to use your English and have ample opportunities to speak and communicate in English, then these lessons are for you. 

Here are a few kind words that my students have said about me and my lessons

All companies thinking about having in-company lessons. Please contact me. I am happy to provide references of companies I have an currently work with 



I wanted lessons where I would speak and Luke's lessons are great. I get to speak with a native English speaker and I have no problems understanding. I like that he corrects me when I make a mistake too 




I like that each lesson is a different topic, so we get to speak about lots of different things. I definitely feel more confident when I speak and I will continue studying with Luke




Very professional, knowledgable, and intelligent teacher. I am very pleased with how the lessons are and I would recommend anyone who is not getting enough speaking practise to take lessons.



Lessons with Luke are always fun. I like his style of teaching. It's very different from my school days. I also like that I improve my soft kills because the questions are not simple and require thought.  



To Speak


Feel free to get in contact by email, social media or messenger

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